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The Best Siding Installation company in Columbus, Ohio

With over twenty years of experience, Citadel Exteriors offers top-quality siding installation services in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re looking to upgrade your home siding, contact us today to start planning the home renovation of your dreams.

The Best Siding Installation company in Columbus, Ohio

Siding Installation and Repair for Your Home

Upgrade to Vinyl Siding

If you are looking to improve the exterior of your home, try our vinyl siding. Vinyl siding not only gives your home a beautiful look but will also protect it from wind and weather. Vinyl siding is also very customizable so you can have virtually any look you want.

Choose Your Best Look

If vinyl siding isn’t your style, you can choose from hard plank, metal, and wood siding, completely transforming the look of your home. Give your home a new and authentic facelift with free consultations today and make your home sparkle with new siding!

Siding Repair Services

Is your home’s siding damaged from weather? Sometimes a simple repair can breathe new life into the look of your home. At Citadel Exteriors, we can replace your old siding to give your home new and fresh appeal. We repair damaged siding in Columbus and can make your home look better than ever.

Get a Free Consultation

Our team at Citadel Exteriors caters to all your siding needs with a quality team that works hard to make your home look good. For any remodeling in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than our highly skilled professional team. We offer free siding consultations where we listen to your needs and offer advice on further home improvements. Reach out to us today!

Contact Us for Your Columbus Siding Needs

Contact Us for Your Columbus Siding Needs

    Why Citadel Exteriors?

    Affordable Pricing

    Citadel Exteriors is proud to offer the most affordable pricing for siding installation and repair in Columbus, Ohio. Our licensed professionals work hard to make your home’s exterior look beautiful and give you the peace of mind you need all for a fair price. We offer affordable pricing for our services, including our vinyl siding. With us, you get quality workmanship at a great price.

    Free Estimates

    We believe in quality work and excellent service. We want to understand your home renovation needs before diving in to your project. Our knowledgable team will help you select the perfect siding for your home with a free estimate. Before beginning your home renovation project, you can look at all your options and pick the one that suits your home and budget best.

    Licensed Contractors

    With over 20 years of experience, our quality team offers the best services and skills to remodel your home’s exterior. Our contractors are the best in Columbus, Ohio and are all licensed to work in a safe and effective manner so that you and your home are well-protected. You need not worry about the quality of work you’ll receive with Citadel Exteriors.

    Our Process

    Our Process

    With your free estimate, our team provides a knowledgable consultation and helps you choose the siding that will best suit your needs. At this stage, we will answer any questions you might have and also provide our professional recommendations on any additional work.

    Once we have established the siding you need, whether it be new vinyl siding or repairing your current siding, we then get to work. Our qualified team is focused on your needs and will make any adjustments necessary during the process. Our main goal is to make sure that, at the end of the day, you are happy with the services we have provided and love the new look of your home.

    Our licensed professionals work in a safe and effective manner, ensuring your property is clear of all working materials. We strive hard to finish all our remodeling work well in time and make sure that you’re thrilled with the final look of your home’s siding.

    After going over the finished look, we talk to our clients and make them feel comfortable with the whole new aesthetic look of the house. You can contact us anytime regarding any issues with the siding installed or for any repair work required.

    Looking to upgrade your home’s exterior for a beautiful aesthetic look? Contact us today.

    Looking to upgrade the siding of your Columbus home? We can help!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Siding

    Frequently Asked Questions About Siding

    With over 20 years of experience, Citadel Exteriors offers a variety of siding services for your home exterior, including vinyl siding and hard plank, metal, and wood siding. Each home has a different appeal and look and, accordingly, our team of qualified professionals selects our products to make your home look as beautiful as possible and ensure top-notch quality.

    We go over the entire siding services and products with our customers to understand if their home requires a new installation or just repair work or if a damaged part needs to be redone.

    Our customers can select the siding according to the look they want as well as the price range they are comfortable with. Accordingly, we then start the siding service in a safe and effective manner to make your home look new and refreshing and give you peace of mind.

    Our team, at Citadel Exteriors, works hard to ensure you get quality content at affordable pricing and make your home exterior look aesthetically pleasing. You will want to keep admiring our craftsmanship and avail our repair and installation services in Columbus, Ohio.

    The main areas we offer services to our customers are:

    • Delaware, OH
    • New Albany, OH
    • Johnstown, OH
    • Plain City, OH
    • Grove City, OH
    • Groveport, OH
    • Pickerington, OH
    • Pataskala, OH

    We are a leader in home exterior services and, for us, customer satisfaction is the main driving force. Our main aim is to see our customers happy with their home exterior. We work together with our clients to give a final product that makes them satisfied.

    Contact us today at 614-470-4106 for more information on our siding services.

    Our locally owned company has worked hard for 20 years to deliver quality services to our customers in the Columbus, Ohio, area. The licensed professionals in our company create the perfect siding services for homes at affordable prices. You can get a free estimate after consulting with our team and see what quote suits you best and, accordingly, you can choose the siding services you require.

    Our team works in coordination with the client’s needs and requirements and makes sure that the siding service they pick suits their home exterior. These siding services range from vinyl, wood, and metal siding to even repairing a damaged portion to make the home look as good as new. We offer a good price range and keep our client’s budget in mind to give them the best possible deals.

    At Citadel Exteriors, we offer our local and loyal clients a wide range of home exterior services, including siding installation and repair, window installation and replacement services, and roofing services. You get the best quality workmanship with our licensed professionals who do drawings and 3D rendering to show you exactly how your home will look. If you’re happy with the product, we can start work or customize it according to your needs.

    All our professionals are trained to conduct the siding, roofing, and window services safely, and we work hard to finish the work well in time. Our team never compromises on quality and makes sure the siding or roofing service is top-notch, completely safe, and gives your home a beautiful, refreshing look.

    For more information, feel free to contact us today at 614-470-4106.

    What Our Clients Say

    Had new siding put on by Citadel Exteriors. They came out and took off the old siding and put on the new and had it done in a day and a half. They cleaned up very good. I was worried about the siding waving with it going over wood siding but it turned out very good. I’m going to use Citadel Exteriors next year to put windows in my house. Very nice crew. Price was about the same as three other quotes that I got. I will recommend them.

    – Carl

    McKenzie responded rapidly and professionally to my inquiry. They were clear, competent and precise in their negotiations with me to establish a contract. The work was completed in a timely fashion, was well done, and concluded with excellent clean up. They also evaluated the final product, insisted on refining some details, and left me with an excellent new roof and an appreciation for their professionalism, competence and honesty. I strongly recommend them as a service provider. All this was achieved honoring the responsibilities associated with attention to Covid-19 precautions. As a registered nurse, I valued that.


    We were very satisfied with the work that was completed. They had several crews working on the home and kept us up to date on the progress. There was a minor issue with the roof. We had a issue getting in touch with someone to resolve the problem. After the owner was made aware of the problem he has bent over backwards to resolve the issue.